VOCE (Veterans of the Camping Experience) Program

VOCE stands for Veterans of the Camp Experience and serves those camp professionals who have been in management roles at camp for at least five consecutive years with ultimate operational authority. We invite anyone who fits this criterion to join us for two special Tri-State CAMP Conference sessions designed by and for the VOCE community. 

At the conference, they will sit down together once each day—for interactive discussions about camp and their roles.

The VOCE program costs $125 per person and includes two sessions with meals included. 

One day option available for $75 per person.

Register through your Members Portal or call the ACA, NY & NJ office for assistance (212) 391-5208.

VOCE to VOCE Sessions 2020


Time: 12:45 PM–2:00 PM (WITH LUNCH)
Location: Room 412

Sustainability and Efficiency in Camping

Join us for an in-depth discussion around what camps are doing to become more efficient and sustainable. Bring your best ideas and projects you have done at your camp (solar panels, pool covers, composting, plumbing) to share with the larger group and hear from an expert in the field around what camps should be doing to ensure they are saving money and the planet. This will be an interactive session and you will get real takeaways to bring back to your camp this summer.


Time:12:30 PM–1:45 PM (WITH LUNCH)
Location: Room 412

The Camp Staff Crisis: What the Research Says and What We Should Do About It

The camp staff crisis is real - it is harder today than ever before to recruit, engage, and retain qualified staff, which, for many camps, is creating a crisis of both program quality and financial sustainability. What's contributing to the crisis seems pretty clear: changing minimum wage and overtime pay legislation, expanding academic calendars and requirements, helicopter and bulldozer parents and their outsized role in the lives of today's emerging adults. But the research tells us a different story or at least a more nuanced one. In this session, we will face the crisis head-on, first by looking at new research findings and then by discussing what we should do as directors and leaders in the camp professional community.

SPEAKER: Laurie Browne, Director of Research, American Camp Association


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