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Looking to do a camp segment or write an article on camp?  Here is a list of story ideas:

  • Why children need camp for their social education
  • The camp experience teaches children skills needed to be successful in the 21st century
  • What families should look for when choosing a summer camp
  • Top questions to ask the camp director when looking for a camp
  • Benefits of summer camp for your child
  • Camp as an experiential classroom
  • Camp is the last unplugged environment
  • Tips for how to handle homesickness
  • How being a counselor prepares you for a “real job”
  • Top trends in summer camp
  • Is your child ready for summer camp?
  • Ways to make camp budget-friendly
  • What to keep in mind when packing for camp
  • Getting to know a camp’s personality
  • Summer camp friendships
  • How to know if your summer camp is safe
  • Knowing how your camp is reviewed
  • Ways to prepare for the summer camp experience