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Changes to the ACA Accreditation Program

ACA has made several key operational changes to the Accreditation Program. These changes include shifting to a continual compliance with the standards through the completion of an Annual Accreditation Report in non-visit years, as well as moving all eligible camps to a five-year visit cycle. The implementation of this program will take place in phases and some camps may receive new visit years. To learn more regarding the operational change to the ACA Accreditation Program click here.

For Camps

The Annual Accreditation Report will be completed by every accredited camp in its non-visit years. This reflects ACA’s emphasis on continuous compliance with the standards. The goal is to emphasize ongoing improvement and compliance throughout the entire accreditation cycle, not just during the visitation year. Completion of this report is through an online process.

Key information regarding this report:

  • To learn more about the report (location, completion, and timeline), view the 10-minute tutorial video on YouTube.
  • Access to the report is found at My Accreditation Online.
  • Once on the site, open the tab titled “Annual Accreditation Report” and begin.
  • The report can be completed any time between December 1st and February 15. This is an important deadline.
  • A certified standards visitor/reviewer from our Affiliate will be assigned to review your report and he/she will make comments on your AAR and possibly contact you directly with any questions.
  • It is estimated that the report will take you between 1 and 2 hours for completion, but that will vary with each camp. It is not necessary to complete it in one sitting.

For Reviewers

Current ACA Standards Visitors are able to review completed Annual Accreditation Reports. To access your assigned reports, please visit the My Visits Online. If you have questions for the camp whose review you are assigned, please reach out directly to the staff member who completed it.