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Camp Information Form

This is a form that is completed by the camp to provide their assigned Visitors with a "snapshot" of their camp program.  It lists contact information for the camp as well as any specialized activities.  Each camp being visited is required to complete this form and submit it to Kyle by February 1st.

Expanded Written Documentation Review

The ACA, NY & NJ Standards Committee requires that camps and visitors complete the expanded version of the Written Documentation Review as it covers a large amount of the written documentation required for the Accreditation Visit.  This for should be completed with your assigned visitor and can be done in person or via electronic means such as the My Accreditation tool.

My Accreditation Tool

ACA has provided an online platform for camps and visitors to connect so that they may complete the Camp Self-Assessment.  This tool allows camps and visitors to upload documents and add comments.  Please take some time to view the tutorials on how to use this system to ensure its ease of use.  If you are having trouble accessing the system, please contact Kyle at the ACA, NY & NJ office.