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The Resident Camp Tours and Conference, which takes place every fall, offers attendees a chance to tour overnight camps in a particular region to experience how other organizations manage their programs and facilities. Re-energize after the camp season by sharing an overnight experience with colleagues, discuss lessons learned from the past summer, and gain ideas as your off-season planning begins.

Stay tuned for more information on our 2019 Resident Camp Tours and Conference!

Take a Look at Past Agendas

Each year the Resident Camp Conference is committed to visiting camps in different areas around the northeast. Click on any of the agendas below to see which camps we have had the pleasure of visiting in the last several years. 

2017 Resident Camp Conference     
Wayne County, PA
2012 Resident Camp Conference
2016 Resident Camp Conference 
 2011 Resident Camp Conference
2015 Resident Camp Conference   
2010 Resident Camp Conference
2014 Resident Camp Conference         
2009 Resident Camp Conference

2013 Resident Camp Conference